5 ways to update your master bath during quarantine for mom

The roll of mom has changed in the last few weeks to full time chef, teacher, coordinator of extraculicar activities, coach, laundress, mediator….the list is endless and with everyone home there is not time off. Finding areas in our own home needs to be a priority for mom to get away and relax. Weather you have a master bath or a shared bath, these 5 quick fixes can help you transform it for even a 20 minute shower or tub to recharge.

Remove clutter from the counter tops. There has to be items used every day like toothbrushes and toothpaste, but the idea is to relax. Removing perfume, pills, almost used deodorants or organizing a linen closet to house them leaves it more appealing to the eye and not something that should go on your “to do list”.
Picking out your favorite scent and either having a body wash or bubble bath with that scent, maybe a lavender or rose. Something that appeals to you and makes you relax and is only used when you need that get away from everything mom time.
Maybe dimming the lights and having a candle in the room. Maybe turning off the harsh lights over your vanity and set the mood to relax. In truth, if you happen to glance in the mirror the light is more forgiving and those bags under your eyes won’t be as upsetting, lol! Hopefully your tentatively scheduled for your filler!
You may not afford many bath towels, but purchasing a single one that is lush, soft and luxurious just to use after your relaxing bath/shower makes coming out of the water equally as inviting as getting in. This is for mom only.
If you can bring in your cell phone and put on a little music, to drown out the every families favorite word during quarantine, “Mom”! Maybe spa like music, maybe some of the oldies like Sinatra or Dean, or classic rock…..whatever you like. Whatever is your escape!

It’s time for moms to recharge!