“This is staging on steroids,” Margaret von Werssowetz, Realtor

A designer showhouse is an absolutely transformative experience- not only for the house but for the designer as well! For those who may not know about them, a showhouse is either a house loaned by the owner (usually when a house has been on the market awhile and proven difficult to find a buyer for) or a brand new house that needs help attracting potential buyers. Showhouses benefit a local charity, in this case donations in the form of admission to view the house supports the work of the Brooklyn Heights Association, the neighborhood group that “pioneered the idea of a historic district and that continues to provide leadership in balancing historic preservation with 21st-century ideals.”

How Does a Showhouse Work?

Designers, based on reputation and following, are invited by the charity to design a room. The designer does so at their own expense, both to support the charity’s efforts and to gain exposure to new potential clients. These houses also receive a fair amount of press which is great for exposing the designer’s work to a broader audience. Homeowners may receive a kitchen or bathroom renovation, sparkling new paint and a general update of their home, potentially also making the house more attractive to buyers who will see the house “come alive” and ideally picture the house becoming their next home.

If you’d like to see my work and the work of 14 other designers and support this dynamic neighborhood group, please join me at the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse. The event will be open to the public from Friday, September 27 through Sunday, November 3 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and until 8 p.m. on Thursdays. General admission is $40 ($35 for BHA members), and tickets are available at the door.