Probably the project that is most satisfying when it is completed is the one that takes the most planning and thinking ahead to make it happen, and happen well. The perfect kitchen renovation actual has a “recipe” that is invaluable for getting the job done with a minimum of down-time for the most-used room of your house.

First, you need a budget

Before deciding if a kitchen renovation is in your future you need to have every, and I mean EVERY price to proceed. This means making a list of all items that you will be replacing, whether this is simply a cabinet replacement or a full “gut job” you need to consider not only the items themselves but the tradespeople to install them. Here is a list of the most common items you should be researching.

  • Demolition and Removal of Existing Kitchen
  • Cabinet Maker and Installer (don’t forget the handles for cabinets and drawers!)
  • Stone/Countertop Company and Installer
  • Appliances & Fixtures – Stove (and hood), Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Sink, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, Faucet
  • Lighting Fixtures, switchplates, and outlet covers
  • Electrician- are you moving outlets, installing lighting, under counter lights and stove hood and in-counter microwave require an electrician
  • Plumber- in addition to the sink, you will need the assistance of a plumber to install your garbage disposal, dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Tile & Flooring source and installer for floor and backsplash
  • Paint and a painter
  • Furniture- Dining table, chairs, stools

If this list seems daunting you should consider hiring an interior designer, In addition to assembling all of the information needed to create a realistic budget your designer puts the entire project together, helping with decisions on design, organizing all resources, tradespeople and deliveries, taking the burden off the homeowner and insuring an efficient on-time completion of the project.

Hiring a Designer Saves You Time, Money and Headaches

If you think identifying materials, setting a budget and creating a design is scary- now imagine wrangling delivery schedules, demolition, construction and installation of all the items above, from people and companies you have never used and do not know. As a designer, I am always comfortable using service providers that you choose but I also have a roster of tradespeople I have worked with for years who rely on me for on-going referrals and will always put my projects to the front of the queue. I am familiar with the work they do and assured that their quality and pricing are in line. My relationships with these purveyors save you time, money and headaches.

Avoid the Biggest Mistake

A kitchen renovation means items you take for granted, like your sink, oven, and other kitchen appliances will be unavailable to you for the period the kitchen is being worked on. Keeping that time as short as possible rule #1 is:

Make sure everything needed to put the kitchen together is in your house before you tear out the existing kitchen!

While this will mean living with appliances and boxes and boxes (and boxes) in your living room for awhile it is important to have your ducks (or cabinets!) in a row so that demolition and installation can take place in quick succession. Even if you live in an apartment (as I do) living with this minor inconvenience. When I renovated my kitchen the entire process took just 10 days thanks to having every piece in place before we started. With every item on hand it is “smooth sailing to the dock”. Working with a designer also means when all the pieces arrive, the tradespeople will jump to the call.

This is just a shortlist of what is an involved project. I would love to sit down with you and discuss your vision for your home. Our initial consultation is always free and we’d love to speak with you about cooking up a beautiful new kitchen.